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Plumber in Pasadena TX opens toilet for repairs

The Only Plumber in Pasadena TX You Can Rely On

Do you have have a plumber in Pasadena TX who you can trust? You should. If you ever have to face a plumbing emergency, the last thing you want to do is search around online, or through the phone book, for a plumber who offers emergency service.
Our plumbers proudly service Pasadena, Pearland, La Porte, and communities throughout eastern Houston, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call today to get a plumber to your door in record time, or read on to learn more about our specialty services.

New toilet installed in Pasadena, Texas

Our Plumbers Cover Toilet Repair

If your toilet is overflowing and you can't get it to stop, turn off the master supply valve at the back of the bowl. It will likely be close to the wall just below the reservoir tank. This will immediately stop the flow of water into your toilet. It won't fix the clog. You'll need a drain snake for that. Good news is, we have a big, powerful snake that will clear any toilet clog in just a few minutes. If you have a toilet leak, we can diagnose it and fix it on the spot. It's usually in the flapper valve at the bottom of the reservoir and, if left unattended, could cost you hundreds of dollars a month.

Shower wand installed by Pasadana plumber

Fast & Effective Shower Repair

Do you have a leaky shower head? A stuck drain lever? Need a hot water governor put in? We do all of that and more. Our Pasadena plumbers install new shower heads, replace faucet handles, install stability bars and more. We even work on spa baths and walk in showers.

Plumber demonstrates a leak detection device

Dependable Leak Detection

Leak detection can be a tough job in Pasadena. That's why we use electronic leak detectors to find hidden pipe leaks behind walls and beneath floors. We can even detect a broken pipe up to 6 feet beneath poured slab. Our Pasadena leak detection specialists don't need to dig exploratory holes, so you won't be stuck with a huge wall or floor repair bill on top of a pipe patch. 

Plumber performs drain cleaning in Pasadena, TX using a rigid snakeOur Plumbers Excel at Drain Clearing

How are your drains running today? Are they slow? Do you worry you won't get done brushing your teeth before the sink is full? If that's the case, sounds like you need a visit from our Pasadena, Texas, plumbing pros! The other option is running out to the store and buying a caustic chemical to pour down the sink and hope it works. While you're at it, you'll also have to hope you wore rubber gloves and didn't' splash any of that stuff in your eye – it could blind you and burns skin on contact (not to mention how bad it is on the environment). Honestly, we'd never let that stuff in any of our houses. So, if you need a drain cleared in Pasadena, TX, call us. We'll do it right and you won't be scarred for life. distribution of letters.

Two water heaters wrapped in insulation

The Top Water Heater Repair Team in Pasadena, TX

A top plumber in Pasadena will be able to tell you the make and model of your water heater from a visual description over the phone. What he can't do is tell you how long it is going to last. Our Pasadena water heater repair team can help yours last longer with yearly maintenance, but most units top off at 15 years of age. If yours is older than that, you may need a new water heater installation sooner than you think!

Our Pasadena Plumbers Are Just a Phone Call Away

No matter how bad your plumbing problem is, rest easy knowing that our Pasadena plumbers are always just a phone call away. We handle all sorts of plumbing, from minor repairs to big overhauls, from residential to commercial, and we even offer 24 hour emergency service. What more could you ask for from a plumbing company?

Whether you have questions, you're looking for a bid, or you're ready for service, call today. We think you'll be surprised and delighted with just how much our plumbers care. We proudly service Pasadena, La Porte, Baytown, League City, Pearland, Houston, Channelview, and surrounding cities. For service in Montgomery County, you might want to visit these plumbers in The Woodlands. For service in DFW, we recommend Grapevine Plumbing and Mansfield Plumbing.
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