Tips & Tricks From Our Plumbers in Pasadena, Texas

Are you looking for ways to maintain your own plumbing system, without having to call a plumber? Believe it or not, our plumbers in Pasadena are happy to help.

Hair catcher installed in a sink in PasadenaPrevent Bad Clogs with a Hair Catcher

Cover your drains with a hair catcher. Hair and soap scum are the two biggest causes of drain clogs in a home. Keeping them out will keep the interior of your drain line clear. Drain covers are less than $5 a piece so you can outfit the entire house with them for less than one emergency plumbing call. 

Don't pour grease down the kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks, especially those with garbage disposals, tend to get gummed up with grease. Practice clearing off plates and bowls in the garbage or a scrap bag before rinsing them. When you do rinse, do it with cold water so the fat and grease congeal before they get in the pipes. They are less likely to stick to the inside of the pipe this way.

Closet Augur by Rigid, recommended by our plumbers in Pasadena, TX

Flush your water heater every 6 months

Sediment from your sacrificial anode builds up at the bottom of your water heater. While it keeps your tank from rusting, it creates a heating problem. The heater will become inefficient after about 6 months of build-up (and can start harboring bacteria that smells like rotten eggs). Do a water heater flush every 6 months to keep your water heater running in top form.

Buy a closet augur

Don't use over the counter chemicals for drain cleaning. They are bad for the environment and can be dangerous to you. Also, you can only use them once or twice.

A drain snake can be used multiple times and will clear most toilet clogs more efficiently than a plunger. Sink clogs are also easily cleared with a drain snake.

Don't Plant Trees Near Your Drain Line

The biggest cause of broken and clogged main drain lines in Pasadena is tree root invasion. Before you start planting new trees on your property, find out where the main drain runs. When you plant, make sure that the canopy of your tree will not hover above your drain line. The roots will extend out to the end of the canopy and will seek out the moisture in the drain line.

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